Why our Weight Loss Program is different from other ones?

We offer you an individualized care to address your weight gain and your health handled by our well trained physician and nurse practitioner.  Our services offered during your initial visit, and follow-ups include:

  • Weekly weight check, body fat percentage, body mass index (BMI), and waist measure.
  • Address any medical conditions not well controlled.
  • Individualized diet based on the medical conditions.
  • Laboratories to search the cause of your weight gain.
  • Electrocardiogram.
  • NO need for appetite suppressants
  • Natural supplements to increase body metabolism: metabolic synergy, thyroid synergy
  • Fat burners: CLA, calcium pyruvate, inositol
  • Vitamins and supplements such as:  Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, choline and multivitamins
  • Individualized diet based on your food intolerances, allergies or medical conditions. 
  • Motivational and social support.
  • No need for starvation​


  • DETOXIFICATION PHASE: This phase is very important to cleanse all the toxins of body causing inflammation and inability to loose weight. Before attempting any type of specific diet, this phase is well recommended by our physician. We have natural detox kits to help this process. Avoidance of the toxins such as caffeine, dairies, carbohydrates of high glycemic index, and non-organic foods are advised. **

  • FAT BURNING PHASE: This phase is the accelerated phase of the weight loss program. After the body is cleansed from all the toxins, now is ready to start burning the accumulated fat that has occurred over the years mainly in the abdomen, hips, legs and arms. Using natural supplements and fat burners, in conjunction with  regular routine exercise activity and no saturated (good fats) in the diet, then you can accomplish a reduction in the body fat percentage of 10-15% gradually over the period of weight loss. 

  • MAINTENANCE PHASE:   As the other phases this is also an important phase of the weight loss process. Knowing that at some point of this process, temptations will be in the way, if you attend a family gathering or not, or just at home watching TV, you might want to eat popcorn, which will be causing again inflammation and will bring backward all the weight lost. If you keep your diet balanced directed by our physician, you will be successful to maintain your weight loss goals. Our office is fully equipped with natural products that can help you to meet your goals of weight loss.

**The detoxification phase can be repeated during the weight loss program multiple times, and usually no more than 3 weeks is recommended at the same time. Natural supplements and super foods are used.